If you are a local you have no doubt seen the big construction on the side of the hill behind the Woodend Berry Farm.  Well that is going to be the new Insectarium of Victoria, and its research centre.


At the present we are under construction, however,  our "Bug Barn" MUST  be at least viewable in time for our first field trip.  In what used to be our machinery barn, later it will be the annex of the Insectarium... We just have to get all our insects out of storage or their will be no insectarium at any time!!!! ever..


We will keep you up to date with our newsletter, our mail outs, and our new WEB SITE.


Please contact us on ...


                           [email protected]


                           [email protected]


                           The Bug Club, PO Box 14, Mt.Macedon. Vic. 3441.Australia

OUR home studio is where our classes and trainings are now held.


How to get there from the Calder Freeway.


Coming from Melbourne,

1.  You will pass Sunbury exit,

2.  Then pass Gisborne exit,

3.  and an exit off to Macedon and Mt. Macedon - disregard them utterly

4.  You will then come to a WOODEND EXIT - This is the one.  

5.  Follow the left curve of the road and keep going down Black Forest Drive (you are on it), until you get to traffic light before the railway bridge.  This is the entry to Woodend

6.  Turn right at CommBank and sharp right to enter the service road.

7.  Turn left at "IL CAFE" at the corner

8.  Proceed along Brooke street past the Medical Centre, and then then Vet and produce store.  

You will see MORRIS ROAD on your Right Hand Side.  We are the first house in Morris Road.  Look for the white gravel, flags and the Buddha.

9. Park your car and walk down the side of the building on the wooden path through the car park and enter through the back door.





Contact Us.....   Rev. Jahne Hope-Williams (Director)


                          Email: [email protected]


                         TEXT: 0402 088 170


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