We have become the specialist in Distance Yoga Education.  Now we have turned out attention to Restorative Yoga after years of working in this very satisfying field.  It was an add on, however we are taking it into a practitioners course by including in Level 3, Hypermobility and how this leads to the Cranio-Sacral connection.  Working with the chakras like never before.... and learning about the endocannabinoid system through THE YOGA OF HEMP.


RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY Level 2 - is planned to follow our 200 hour Professional Yoga teacher Training course.  It can also be attached to another health modality, and can be your passport to a more rounded clinical practice.


For those who are looking to become a yoga teacher, this course can be the first stage of your Australasian Yoga Institute Teacher Training, program.  


Whilst Hatha Yoga in all its various forms, may not be appropriate for everyone, especially those experiencing  chronic pain, illness or stress,  gentle RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY is perfect.  


Restorative Yoga Therapy together with MEDITATION…….. helps relieve the effects of chronic stress, anxiety and depression, addictions, chronic pain.   We are learning about Cannabis Sativa, and how it works with the body through the endocannabinoid system.  This is a very elegant pairing.


Both Restorative Yoga Therapy and MEDITATION promote deep relaxation and healing. Mind and body.  Deep breathing and deep relaxation go hand in hand with this modality.  The more the body is supported the deeper the relaxation and therefore the deeper the healing that can be experienced.


We believe our methods are suitable to apply to almost any condition with beneficial and measurable results - I say it every day 'RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY" changes lives!  and now you can learn to be a RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY TEACHER via class room teaching or totally on-line.  


If you would like to live your joy, live to help others, and contribute to leading others out of a maze of pain and suffering - this is the course for you.


The Australasian Yoga Institute is committed to promoting a greater understanding of Restorative Yoga and its safe practise through experience, education, discussion, study and training.  Through our extensive foundation and diploma courses and regular teacher training days, we can help you to extend and develop your practice and experience in a safe and professional environment.