Our Community

Ours is a vibrant , "happening" yoga community, that has been (joyfully) servicing the Macedon Ranges (and the world) since 1976.  A marvellous legacy that will continue as new people join to assist in THE WORK..


We teach out of our home Studio and The bentinck in Woodend .  


Two of the seminal figures in the community are Jacky our bookkeeper, and admin person, and ME.  We are the heart and soul of the yoga studio.  I have vowed to be around and teaching until I am 103!


Jaky?  Well, she just turned up and fitted right in, taking over some major responsibilities - and her role is growing as we grow.  Every week I find something new she is up and ready for.


It would not be a studio without students, and some of ours have been with us for 27 years - we must be doing something right!


The Trainee Yoga Teachers, Graduates and Affiliates make up the other part of our studio, and they come from all over Australia and the world..  We have trained hundreds over the years - as the room of filing cabinets show.  


Philanthropy:  We (the YogaFirst community) have donated cloe to 1million dollars in voluntary time, scholarships, and free classes to our communities.  And we are still donating.  We also donate to hospitals in Honduras and last year supplied them with bandages.  We also assisted building a hospital in Nepal, and assisted in a beanie project donating hundreds of beanies to school children, and blankets to babies in Nepal.


We have launched our Foundation and we have given away 5 scholarships this year alone.


Our yoga web site: